Assuring Safe Work Spaces

is your premises covid secure?

Can you guarantee a safe working enviroment for your staff and customers?

Creating healthier spaces

We have designed a complete system to help ensure you are providing a safe enviroment for your staff and customers.

Covid-19 Risk Assesments

We can provide full Covid-19 specific risk assessments, identifying all potential risk factors. We can then design bespoke strategies to implement the optimal control measures 

Antiviral Decontamination

From a full antiviral deep clean, to designing your advanced daily decontamination schedule, we will define the most appropriate measures to keep your buildings clean and safe.   

Workspace Optimisation

We will ascertain the safest use of your building. With precise assessment, we can ensure access routes, staff working areas and customer designated spaces are the safest spaces possible.     

Covid-19 Testing

We can arrange Covid-19 testing for all your staff, at your premises.  Tests administered by a registered nurse with results in 10 minuets.

Staff Training

Education and appropriate action are required to ensure the highest standards are sustained. We can provide certified courses.

Essential supplies

 We can provide everything you need to create the safest workspace. From complete washroom solutions to PPE.

What is coronavirus?
How can you protect yourself and those you care about?


We are here to help